Picture Gallery 2
Final touch for a lovely 'kurma' !
A service initiated by their Thatha
A special shot !
All at Sarnath
Anisha akka reading story book for Nikhil & Ashwin at Sarnath. That's life!
A great picture taken at Bombay
At Trichur Hotel
Ready for lunch at Bombay
Great picture from Bombay
Another great shot from Sarnath
Trichur coffee is always good!
The Great Picture from Sarnath
At Periyar House, Thekkady
Akka starts the day at Sarnath
Breakfast at Trichur
Cake and Coffee at Bombay
Don't look at me like that ! I'm your elder sister. Listen to me! Amma & Periyamma
Relaxed at Trichur !
Penn Pathu with Amma
Jayaram clarifying a point with Kannan
Headmistress's Office - Model School, Trichur
Nikhil finds it interesting
Ghosh! There is not enough space here to bend!!
Pramila and Nikhil
Pramila and Ashwin
Pramila with Nikhil & Ashwin at Thekkady
Urmila in Kerala sari
With the manager of Periyar House, Thekkady
My boys are good with 'koorkas' !
Thattai Mami !!!
The Grand Kids
The great picture of Ramanathans
In front of Vadakkunathan Temple, Trichur
The great family
Can the cot take that.....?
Urmila being supervised !!!
Urmila 1
What a shot !!!
The trio and the 'koorkas' !
Sisterly Love !!!
This is the Auto World !
with Penn Pathu
Shaadi ke Pehele !
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